£300m Blackpool Plans Approved

Blackpool Council has approved plans for the £300m Blackpool Central leisure and entertainment development, which is expected to begin first-phase construction early next year. The UK’s number one traditional seaside resort is ready for regeneration. Blackpool Council’s planning committee has approved the initial phases of the £300m Blackpool Central leisure and entertainment complex, with construction of […]

Blackpool Lightpool Festival 2021

Featuring an extraordinary mix of light installations, live performances, and 3D projection shows across a range of indoor and outdoor venues, the festival will showcase 16 new illuminated artworks, including nine world premieres for 2021. What we can expect from Lightpool Festival 2021 Festival director Phil Holmes said the 2021 programme was on a scale […]

2021 Destination Guide

Every year, the tourism arm of Blackpool Council produces a physical destination guide for Blackpool. To get a free copy delivered to your doorstep, please submit the form below. Alternatively, the digital version can be accessed by clicking here.

Safety Tips For Safe Surfing Experience

Surfers can be territorial, aggressive jerks, especially to newbies. Though I’m not excusing that behavior, the instinct is partly for good reason: a beginner wielding a sharp surfboard they can’t control in waves they don’t understand puts everyone in danger. And unlike many other outdoor pursuits, the resources (waves) are limited. Every wave you catch is one less wave for me. Surfing […]

The Museum as a Cradle of Innovation

The belief within the impossibility of a position of grasping the planet in its totality seems to be a logical consequence of materialist philosophy. The religious tradition, alongside idealistic philosophy, understood one’s soul or reason as nonmaterial and purely spiritual, allowing the planet in its totality to be seen from an external, transcendent position. But […]

Innovation is changing the mall industries

This means that the stores will still exist, with a stress on stores in shopping malls. However, stores in shopping centres are going to be more like customer experience centres. With e-commerce offering deep discounts, deals and incentives, transactions are going to be majorly done on online stores. Designers will got to deal with this […]

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Hotels Look to Cash In Now

With the travel industry at a standstill, some hotels hope gift card discounts can lure future guests and drive much-needed revenue. Napa Valley’s Calistoga motor hotel & Spa, for instance , is currently housing essential personnel, but the property is looking beyond the Covid-19 crisis with a suggestion of a $50 bonus for those that […]

A Guide to Audio Post Production

  Film making and audio post-production go hand in hand. There’s little question about it. But when it involves determining what the perfect scenario seems like for filmmakers and sound professionals to collaborate together, the possible combinations are infinite. However, in today’s fast-paced media industry juncture, a workflow is everything. Ensuring that both the on set audio team and therefore the post-production team can seamlessly […]